February 23, 1996
Blessed Virgin Mary

“My daughter, I am here. I come as I always come, in praise of Jesus, My Son. Make known, My messenger, that I come to prepare the world for My Son's Return. Heaven and earth need to be united as they will be when He comes. It is necessary that hearts be reconciled to God, for My Son comes as Just Judge. The time before His Second Coming is precious indeed. Too many do not listen. Today, I tell you, the more who turn from evil and choose good, the less the balance between the numbers who choose Holy Love and the degree of mitigation. I say Holy Love in this context for Holy Love is your conversion.”

“Do not fear for time, space, or money. All of these and more will turn to your favor. My army of consecrated souls is strengthening and growing in these last days. This is in preparation for My final battle against the red dragon. Surrender completely to Holy Love. My victory is in your ‘yes.' I am blessing you.”