April 1, 1996
Blessed Virgin Mary

“Our Lady comes in light blue with many sparkling lights around Her. She spreads Her hands and says: Today you see snow outside covering the buds that are about to burst forth giving life to the world. This is much like My Mission in your heart. You have seen only a glimpse of God's grace that will be made manifest soon to the public. Much has been clothed in the recesses of your heart and of Mine. But you will see beautiful signs of My presence soon on the property. These signal graces will not be shown just to you but to the public. Tell them to watch the sky–the sun–and even the air around them on the Twelfth of the month. By May, many graces will be given at the Spring as access will be made ready.”

“My Mission which has remained sequestered in your heart until this hour is now going into the world and amongst My pilgrims. Every preparation is complete in your heart. Paths and gateways in the world are opening through My grace. The Mission is indeed ready to bud. You will see many things take place that will astound you.”

“For today, I am blessing you in Holy Love.”