April 25, 1993
Blessed Virgin Mary

Our Lady came in gray with a dark blue band around Her mantle, and She had on a pink gown and was holding a crucifix. She asked me to pray with Her for all unbelievers, some of whom were in the Church. She then asked me to pray for all those who were suffering in spirit. Then She said, “I desire that a devotion to My Son's passion and death be developed here. I will personally consecrate the ground on which these stations will stand, and I will pray with those who recite the stations. Devotion to the passion and death of My Son is more efficacious than any sacrifice.” Then Our Lady said: “Dear children, I come today to invite you to come to trust in My Heart of grace, for it is herein you will find every goodness. Pray in child-like confidence for discernment and wisdom which you will so need in the near future.” Then Our Lady blessed us and left.