June 17, 1993
Thursday Rosary Service
Blessed Virgin Mary

Our Lady came dressed in a white gown and a cream-colored veil. On the veil there were red swatches. While She was talking to me, I noticed that these red marks were bloodstains that were in the shapes of countries. Our Lady gave a private message, then asked me to pray with Her for all souls to choose the path of light instead of the path of darkness. Then She said, “Dear children, tonight I come to remind you that you are called to a vocation of holiness. Some government leaders do not choose holiness, and the spirituality of these countries then becomes atheistic. To choose other than holiness is to choose Satan. Many countries have chosen this path to perdition. Therefore, My little children, you must pray that every heart recognizes My genuine motherly call to holiness.” Then Our Lady blessed us and left.