July 9, 1993
Jesus Christ

From Jesus
Before and after Communion I was given the following vision. There was a narrow road which I understood was the narrow path of holiness that leads to Our Lady's Heart. Branching off this road were many side roads. These side roads seemed to go up to Our Lady's Heart at first, but then took a sharp turn downwards towards earth and away from Mary's Heart.

Jesus said, “The side roads are the temptations of everyday life that each soul has. Satan's angels try to lure the soul from the straight and narrow path to My Mother's Heart. At first glance, the temptation looks good and the soul is deceived into thinking he is still on the good path. But as he is led farther and farther from holiness, he gets farther and farther from the Refuge of My Mother's Heart.” [See diagram] He continued, “Pray to be shown the temptations in your life which are obstacles to holiness.”