July 8, 1993
Blessed Virgin Mary

“Please read Luke 6:27-38.”
Our Lady came dressed in pink and white and was standing on a globe of the world, and had many angels with her. Our Lady's smiling and says: “I know what's on your heart, but I've come tonight to pray for unbelievers, most especially those who have heard My messages but choose not to believe. They are not courageous in their fight against evil. My messages made them uncomfortable and they are choosing not to leave their old way of life.” We prayed. Then Our Lady said: “Dear children, tonight I come especially to ask that you seek the path of holiness which is love. All the grace you need to love is in My Heart. Ask for it. I, as your Mother, desire so much to give it to you. There are many here who think they love, but are deceived, for they have not forgiven. Any thought, word or action that is against love takes you off the path of holiness. Therefore, My little children, learn to come to My Heart for all the grace you need to love and to forgive.” She blessed us and left.