August 22, 1993
Feast of The Queenship of Mary
Blessed Virgin Mary

“Please read Jude 17-25”
Our Lady came in pink with a great light around her. She bowed before the monstrance and said, “All praise, honor and glory be to Jesus, the King.” I answered, “Now and forever.” She said: “My daughter, I come especially today on My feast to encourage souls on the path of holiness and prayer, for this path is one and the same. This path is the path to My Heart My children, in order to be holy you must love God above all else, and in so doing choose to pray. To choose holiness is to love God more than yourself. In this way, you decide for His Will above your own will. Herein then, is the secret to holiness- the secret to the path to My Immaculate Heart. Indeed, the secret that opens the door to this most solemn Refuge of sinners. Therefore, I come to invite all of My children to decide today to love God more than themselves and to pray, pray, pray. It is the only choice of value today.”