September 3, 1993
Blessed Virgin Mary

Our Lady came in gray and a gold color. She bowed before the Eucharist. She said: “Give praise, honor and glory to Jesus, ever-present in this Holy Sacrament of the Altar.” I answered, “Now and forever.” “My little messenger, what I most wish to convey to you is how much Jesus depends on souls who have sincerely consecrated themselves to the Cross. These souls are steeped in Holy Love and emulate the Heart of My Divine Son. Without Holy Love, souls reject the crosses in their lives, not seeing the beauty in the trials that are offered to them for the sake of others.”

“It is Satan who hides all of this from souls who are not child-like. For with sophistication is sown confusion and doubt. Jesus had one apostle who was sophisticated. He did not possess Holy Love, but rather love of self. Holy Love is simplistic, unselfish and unassuming. This is how Holy Love allows the soul to see through worldly goals and seek only heavenly acclaim. It is most important these days that souls see the great value of the Cross, through which salvation continually flows. Therefore, pray to be child-like in every virtue but most of all Holy Love. Let your daily bread be the joy of the Cross through Holy Love.”