September 6, 1993
Blessed Virgin Mary

From Our Lady
5:30 AM
“My dear little daughter, I want to teach you how to live in My Immaculate Heart, for herein lies the secret to holiness. If you are in My Heart you will always be at peace. Your heart will be focused on God, His Omnipotence and His Will. You will realize God's Will is in everything, even though the reason is obscure to you while on earth. You will keep your thoughts on My Beloved Son, His Passion, His life on earth, His teachings. You will not feel alone or try to solve your own problems. You cannot solve your own problems. If you are in My Heart, you will realize everything is a grace. Everything depends on grace. You can accomplish nothing alone. When you accept this in your heart, you will no longer focus on the world. You will be in My Immaculate Heart, and you, in Holy Love, will be at peace.”