October 14, 1993
Blessed Virgin Mary

“Please read Amos 9”
Our Lady is here in blue and white. She is holding a rosary. She says: “Let us give thanks and praise to Jesus Incarnate, for all He has given us.” She raises Her hands and looks up to Heaven. Together we praised Jesus, and She is bathed in a light, as She always is when She prays. She lowers Her hands and looks at me. “You see, little daughter, Jesus has allowed the Maranatha Spring to be uncovered so that those who come will be strengthened in their faith. In this way, His Remnant will be stronger and of firmer conviction. It will be easier for the Remnant to attest to the true faith and withstand opposition. But not all that come will believe or even remain faithful to Church Tradition. The apostasy is Satan's last attempt at destroying My Son's Church. But the spring will dilute the adversary's potent lies against the faith. Please be at peace.” She leaves.