October 19, 1993
Blessed Virgin Mary

Our Lady came in gray and gold. She said: “Let us glorify God through this prayer.” She parted Her hands and raised them to heaven. As we prayed the Glory Be, angels supported her. She was completely absorbed in prayer. Then She looked at me and said, “My angel, please pick up your pen.”

“Dear children, the path I call you upon moment to moment, the path of holiness that leads to My Heart, is the path of holy perfection. The tool and the measure given to attain this holy perfection is Holy Love. You will only be as perfect and as holy as you love. The obstacle to Holy Love and, consequently, holy perfection, is always self-love. Therefore, My dear children, in order to progress along the path of holiness- the path of holy perfection- you need to ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to you all the areas of self-love in your lives. Perhaps you love your reputation. Perhaps you love your ideas and opinions. Perhaps you love your appearance. None of these are lasting. Only Holy Love is eternal. Surrender to the Father all that self-love, so that He can fill you with Holy Love. Then you will be given a greater love of God and of souls. Then you will progress along the path of holiness to holy perfection.”