October 24, 1993
Blessed Virgin Mary

Our Lady came in gray with a red lining in Her mantle. She spreads Her hands and says: “All praise be to Jesus. I am the Mother of Jesus crucified. My angel, My little child, I invite you to further understand in your heart that Holy Love is a selfless love. It opposes the world and self. In like manner, holy perfection is a selfless perfection in that the soul chooses to perfect himself in holiness to please God. My daughter, as I, your Mother, stood beneath the Cross, I suffered everything for love of God and for souls. I suffered this way in Holy Love and it was holy suffering. Holy suffering has no regard for self, but sees only what is being accomplished for souls. The more the soul is steeped in Holy Love, the more holy his suffering. So then, even at the darkest moment, the soul sees God's purpose and unites himself to God. I am showing you all of this in the Light of Truth so that as error spreads, as it will, you can be light to others. Pray for the love of souls.”