October 25, 1993
Blessed Virgin Mary

Our Lady comes as Our Lady of Holy Love. She says: “All praise to the crucified Jesus, Redeemer and King.” She raises Her hands to Heaven as She says this. Then She looks back to me. “My angel, it is important you comprehend the meaning of the ‘Consecration to the Cross.' When you pray in this way, you are uniting all of your suffering, big and little, to Jesus on the cross. In this way you remove self from all your suffering. Then all your trials become holy suffering and have eternal value. Jesus has sent Me to tell you He wishes to make of you a particular sign to others of holy suffering. Therefore, learn to be a conduit between Heaven and earth of redeeming grace. And in all of this, the Remnant will be strengthened. This Remnant will flourish in hearts that persevere in the true dogma of faith. If you do not persevere in holy suffering, Satan will sow confusion amongst those in the ministry. It will be easier for him to foster lies, and resentments will abound. Already he has infiltrated hearts that do not know Holy Love – hearts whose every motive is self-seeking. If you are strong, you will readily uncover him. I give you now My Heavenly Blessing.”