November 4, 1993
Blessed Virgin Mary

“Please read John 4:34-38 and John 15:1-17”
Our Lady comes in gray. She bows towards the Eucharist and moves towards me. She says: “All praise be to Jesus.” I answer, “Now and forever.” She says: “My little daughter, I come, once again, to invite you along the path of holiness. To choose holiness is to begin to practice holiness, which is Holy Love. When you once begin to turn to holiness, God will give you the grace that you need to succeed. Holy Love, My daughter, is God's Will for you, and His Divine Will is Holy Love. They are one and the same. God will always extend to you the grace you need to Cooperate with His Will, and so with divine and Holy Love. Please understand, all that has happened to you so far in your life has been ordained or permitted as a means of drawing you along the path of holiness and deeper into My Heart. Let this be the moment you begin your ‘yes' to Holy Love, and so, God's Will for you. Say ‘yes' in a way that you are able to choose holy forgiveness. Forgive your own imperfections and forgive others' faults, as well. If you begin to choose this, God will help you through the grace of My Heart. Every thought contrary to Holy Love has its origin in evil. Make all of this known!”