November 6, 1993
Jesus Christ

From Jesus (locution)
“Messenger of She who bore Me, I come to appeal to the hearts of all humanity. It is through Divine Love that the little way of Holy Love is given. This little way of Holy Love is the path of holiness laid bare for these times. Once called upon, as all are, the soul should make himself little – God and his neighbor big.”

“This is the path that circumvents evil and the most intricate plans of Satan. This holy simplicity finds its way as a flaming arrow to My Divine Heart, burning in its wake all self-love. Then, in Divine Love, I can mold the soul into a true instrument of grace to bear witness in the world to the truth. How I love the souls that pursue this path! It is the ‘yes' of this age that will bring about My Eucharistic Reign. It is the triumphant chorus of the Remnant. It is the path of victory of My Mother's Immaculate Heart. Make this known!”