November 5, 1993
Blessed Virgin Mary

Our Lady is here in white and says: “All praise, honor and glory be to Jesus.” I replied, “Now and forever.” She says: “Pray with Me now for those who have not chosen the Will of God in their lives.” We prayed. Then She said, “Dear children, I wish to infuse into your souls holy and divine love so that you will be better instruments in My hands. Give to Me all your misgivings and imperfections.” She blessed us and left.

Then, as I rested in the spirit, I saw [in a vision] a number of white tongues that were at the feet of Our Lady. Then I saw these tongues come together to form a flaming sword. Then Our Lady said that the water in the spring would be a decisive force against evil and would separate the wheat from the chaff, the remnant from the apostasy.