November 27, 1993
Saturday Rosary Service
Blessed Virgin Mary

Our Lady is here as Our Lady of Grace. She says: “All praise, honor and glory be to Jesus.” I answered her, “Now and forever.” She says: “Pray with Me now for those who do not follow the path of salvation.” And we prayed an Our Father and Glory Be. She's turning to the people here and She says: “Pray much for the souls in darkness, who surround them in their daily lives. Pray and trust. Your prayers will be heard. Dear children, tonight I come especially to remind you that you live in an age of Advent, preparing for My Son's Second Coming. As you prepare for this Christmas, offer each day small sacrifices as straws in the manger; and on Christmas, He will truly flood your heart with grace. And I am blessing you now with My Motherly Blessing.”