December 1, 1993
Fourth Step to Holiness
Blessed Virgin Mary

From Our Lady
“My daughter, I am the Mother of Mercy and of Holy Love. All praise be to Jesus.” I answer, “Now and forever.” “This, My little child, is the final step in holiness. When the soul is able to surrender his will to the Will of God, he is on the path of holiness. Then the soul makes his will one with God's Will. He accepts everything in the present moment as the Will of the Eternal Father. He views the past and the future only in terms of Holy Love, trusting in Divine Providence which is perfect in God's Will. Every sin opposes Holy Love and God's Will, and distracts the soul from the path of holiness. Therefore, ask for the grace of seeing your sins more clearly and you will better be able to avoid these pitfalls. Make this known.”