December 2, 1993
Message to Priests
Blessed Virgin Mary

“Please read Luke 8:4-8 and 11-15”
Our Lady is here in white and Her mantle is lined in pink. She says: “All praise be to Jesus.” I reply, “Now and forever.” She says: “Please thank everyone for coming tonight to pray with me. Pray with Me now for souls who make gods of their own will, and so are not at peace.” We prayed. “To My dear priest sons: I ask that they always keep their eyes on My Son, for His Will for them is the true dogma of faith. If their foot slips from the path to the left, they find the weeds of apostasy; to the right, the thorns of disbelief and many rocks which represent popular opinion. But I am calling them to support the true dogma of faith as it stands under Church Tradition as handed down through John Paul II. Anything else is from Satan.”

“To those here tonight: Dear children, tonight I come once again to ask you to make your will the Will of God, by accepting the present moment in Holy Love, and I leave you with My Motherly Blessing.”

[Note: Our Lady's Motherly Blessing is “a blessing of Holy Love which will enable you to live in this virtue.” (01/24/94)]