December 31, 1993
New Year’s Eve
Blessed Virgin Mary

From Our Lady
“Dear children, as you begin the new year adoring My Jesus lying in the manger, I have come to ask that you surrender completely to holiness, by abandoning everything that is prideful. Holy Love, which is holiness, is the opposite of self-love, which Satan makes so attractive. Think only good of each other. Love each other as you love yourselves. This is the path of conversion and peace. I have come to ask the world to recognize and to choose. This is the year when indecision is decision. My Heart will triumph through your ‘yes' to Holy Love. If you choose holiness you are already defeating Satan, who wants every soul to fall into perdition. I am imparting to each one of you My Motherly Blessing and special grace to help you to choose each minute good over evil.” She motions towards Her Immaculate Heart with both hands, then leaves.