March 13, 1994
Blessed Virgin Mary

Our Lady is here in gray and purple. She spreads Her hands and says: “My angel, I come as Jesus sends Me to reveal further My call to Holy Love. Where the soul begins the journey of Holy Love, the state of his own soul is laid bare so that every flaw seems abhorrent to him. Here it is important to remember that there are three parts to Holy Love: The love of God, which is first and foremost; the love of neighbor; and the love of self. It is impossible to love your neighbor if you do not first love yourself. The soul needs to keep his feet firmly planted in the Refuge of My Immaculate Heart at this time as Satan tries to sweep him down the river of discouragement. Please tell My children, God loves each one more than they can comprehend in human terms. His love is constant and unchanging despite any sin; and you need to realize that this step on the path of holiness will take place at Maranatha Spring. It will be as though souls who open to Holy Love will see themselves before the eyes of My Jesus. What a merciful grace has come to earth! It pleases God that you will make this known.”