May 3, 1994
Mary, Queen of Heaven and Earth

Spring Site
Our Lady is here as Our Lady Queen of Heaven and Earth. She is seated on a throne that is atop a globe of the earth. She is wearing a pink gown, a satin light-gray mantle; She is holding a scepter in one hand, a rosary in the other with a beautiful golden crown on Her head. The vision then moved forward until the globe of the world came to rest above the spring site. Our Lady said: “Pray with Me now for all priests and religious who will come seeking to renew their vocations.” We prayed. “Dear children, these days, nothing in the world is secure, not nature nor man himself. The only security is My Immaculate Heart. Therefore, I reveal to you — I am raising up an army of Holy Love to encapture hearts and lead them into this Immaculate Refuge. You dear children, must decide to lead. Given every grace you need, submit humbly to My call.” She then looked at me, smiled and said: “Do not be afraid. You'll lead by suffering.” She blessed us and left. As Our Lady left, the globe of the earth floated over the area of the spring above the fiery cross. An Archangel then appeared and said: “Every word in the message has particular meaning.”