June 5, 1994
Blessed Virgin Mary

Our Lady comes and drifts towards me. She is in white. Her Immaculate Heart is exposed. She says: “Today I wish to reveal to you the secret of Holy Love. It is taking the focus off yourself and placing it on God and others. You love yourself only in a detached way knowing God created you. All your thoughts and motives, however, are centered on God, His laws, and the well-being of your neighbor. Satan likes to attack the love in your hearts by tempting you to see how each situation affects you personally. This is a form of pride. If you try to love, My grace will be present in your hearts to assist you. But first, you need to choose to love. You need to be good to yourselves insofar as it will enable you to be good to others. I extend to you now My Motherly Blessing.”