December 11, 1994
Our Lady of Guadalupe

Our Lady comes as Our Lady of Guadalupe. She says: “I come for the greater honor, glory, and praise of Jesus. I come as the Woman of the Apocalypse – ‘the Woman Clothed with the Sun”. I continue to come to you in this posture as a sign to humanity of My continued call to conversion. Only when you are living in Holy Love – which is conversion – do you understand My call to you. Do not waste time fearing opposing ideologies, other countries weaponry or even God's retribution. It is evil that is in hearts you must oppose. Take on the cloak of apostleship of Holy Love, and spread the message to the most distant points of earth which are all hearts steeped in darkness. Take as a sign of My call to you, this Image of Guadalupe. [A bright light comes around Her.] Be the light that shines in darkness. Be the rays of the star leading souls to My Son. Dear children, I come because I love you. Pray, pray, pray.”