March 9, 2008
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“Today I have come to you with truth to counteract those who try to rationalize away all that Heaven tries to accomplish,both here and all over the world. Many sites where My Mother appears have been scrutinized by authorities, only to result in the proclamation that nothing supernatural is taking place. Even the simplest can ascertain that the Holy Spirit is everywhere. He is at work in hearts that seek to follow Him. This is supernatural and discounts such a sweeping claim. This is also proof that in-depth study of such apparitions and messages from Heaven never took place.”

“To deny the Holy Spirit His rightful recognition is to cooperate with darkness. During these times when Heaven is struggling to bring light and holiness into the world and into the hearts of the faithful, I am asking,do not set yourselves against the Spirit of Light.”

“Recognize that Heaven has not forsaken you to the powers of the netherworld. Cooperate with Heaven in bringing about the defeat of evil. Do not compromise Heaven’s favor. Open your hearts to My efforts and become children of the Light. The Holy Spirit does not work to undermine your authority and power, but to support you and lead you. It is for the same reasons that I send My Mother into the world. Do not love control and power more than Me,more than God’s Divine Will.”

“Help Me to overcome evil. Do not hinder Me.”