March 16, 2008
God The Father

I see a great Flame that I understand represents the Heart of God the Father. I hear a voice say: “I am the Eternal Now,Creator of Heaven and earth.”

“I have come to remonstrate mankind, for I tell you, never before has the heart of mankind been led so far astray. Hypocrisy is the norm in church and world leaders. Whole religions have embraced debauchery, violence and hatred. The fruit these bear is eternal perdition.”

“Yet, I have sent My Son into the world to give you life-yielding Messages of truth here on this Site. You now know the direct path to My Paternal Heart, to the Light of the Spirit, the Divine Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of the Virgin Mary. All of these come gift wrapped to you in My Divine Will. Herein is the path of salvation, holiness, sanctification and world peace. Are you listening?”

“Do not wait for compromised hearts to tell you it is okay to believe. Open your hearts. Listen to these Messages with your own hearts. Do not fear anyone's disapproval. Fear your own disbelief, which ultimately reverses your journey in holiness.”

“Give Me your heart first. Then I will help you to bring Me many more hearts.”

“I, your Father, love you.”