March 20, 2008
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“See that My Father is calling each soul into a love paramount to all other loves. He is calling souls into Unitive Love to be one with Him,immersed in His Divine Will. This requires the surrender of free will in all matters,in every present moment. There is no greater call,no higher or more prestigious ambition.”

“Unitive Love can only be reached through childlike littleness. Realize that anything you surrender to Me or to the Father delights us. Nothing,no sacrifice of love,is unworthy. Never rejoice in being esteemed in the eyes of man. Only rejoice in appealing to Me and in pleasing the Eternal Father.”

“If My brothers and sisters realized how important littleness is towards advancing deeper into the Chambers of Our United Hearts, they would be ambitious towards only one thing,hiddenness. Gone would be the temptation towards recognition,importance in the eyes of the world,power or control. Whole sections of the Church would be renewed. Consciences would be illuminated for self-love; self-importance would no longer dim the light of truth.”

“But the lure of the world and the temptations it holds are too strong today. This Mission must continue, for we are winning one soul at a time. Do not be discouraged. In littleness,continue.”