April 13, 2008
God The Father

I see a great Flame that I know to be the Heart of God the Father. He says: “I am the Eternal Now,the Alpha and the Omega.”

“It is I Who will draw the Remnant Faithful out of the arms of error into My Heart, which is Truth Itself. In truth, the Tradition of Faith will be preserved. This holy Remnant will be set apart and founded upon Divine Love, Divine Mercy and My Divine Provision.”

“Do not waste time wondering how or where or when. I have created this present moment for you to use to its fullest by loving Me, My Son and the Holy Spirit. In this Holy Love for the Trinity is the fulfillment of all the commandments, the illumination of sin and error in your hearts and in the world, your peace and salvation. Those who listen to Me will choose the Tradition of Faith and will be unflinching in their choice.”