April 23, 2008
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“How much I desire to be in the heart of every nation protecting it from the marauders of compromise, moral degeneration and false gods! But this is not the case; for faith, hope and love are not strong in most hearts today. When these three virtues are weak, all other virtues are weak. Moral strength is based on faith, hope and love. These basic theological virtues increase in proportion to the soul’s will for them to increase.”

“These days, most do not value a deeper relationship with Me. The superficial and temporary have taken precedence over that which is eternal. Mankind has little regard for God’s gifts, even the gift of life. This is why these Revelations given here on the Chambers of the United Hearts are not accepted by the ones who need most to make this spiritual journey. This is why judgment overrides discernment.”

“The soul that is not interested in being holy and coming closer to Me will develop false values. In every present moment, I offer each soul the opportunity to practice deeper virtue.”

“Pray to act upon faith, hope and love so that I can increase in you and in every heart that will listen.”