April 24, 2008
St. Catherine of Siena


St. Catherine of Siena says: “Praise be to Jesus.”

“I wish to describe to you the proper disposition of heart for those who come to this apparition site,especially for the first time. Jesus desires that the heart of each pilgrim be open,that the heart be a blank page for Him to write upon. The less the pilgrim knows of others’ opinions, the better. There are, as with every apparition site, many false rumors and false discernment attacking this place of Heaven’s predilection.”

“Jesus does not like people to come with preconceived ideas of what may take place here. Therefore, do not anticipate any certain grace. Each one’s pilgrimage is individual. Some may receive a profound illumination of conscience,others not.”

“Do not look for proof of all that takes place here as being from Heaven. Do not come here to find fault. That is not discernment.”

“Let your hearts be open to the individual experience that God has in store for you, knowing full well that Immaculate Mary invited you here to deepen your relationship with Her Son and God the Father. Allow the Spirit of Truth to carry you deeper into an intimate relationship with the Holy Trinity.”

“Do not compare your experience here with anyone else’s, for no two are alike. God knows best how to reach each heart. When you share your experiences, do so giving God the glory, for all grace comes from His Mercy and His Love. Never present yourself as being chosen or special or all-knowing in any way. Remember, humility is the first step on the stairway to holiness. There is a proper way to evangelize just as there is a proper way to do anything.”

“Do not allow your heart to be filled with judgment against Heaven’s efforts here. You do not gain merit in God’s Eyes by opposing Him. You only invoke His Judgment. Such a one cooperates with evil.”

“Make a sincere heartfelt Act of Contrition before you come onto the property. Grace will then fill your heart.”