April 28, 2008
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“I come today to help you understand what My Mother spoke to you about privately earlier. My Mother said that the Church of Atonement and the Church of the Remnant Faithful are one. Decades ago you were asked to make sacrifices for the Church of Atonement, which you did, not knowing what this meant.”

“The Church of Atonement is the foundation of the Church of the Remnant Faithful. Any foundation is the base upon which a structure is built. In this case the Remnant who choose the Tradition of Faith, as handed down through the apostles, will be supported by prayers and sacrifices which are offered on behalf of the Remnant. My Mother is gathering together all that is offered in this mystical Church of Atonement so that the Remnant increases and is made stronger. The very fiber of the Remnant will be the Church of Atonement.”

“It is not necessary that all understand this for it to be so,what is necessary is ongoing prayer and sacrifice for the Remnant.”