May 11, 2008
Second Sunday Service to Pray against Abortion
Blessed Virgin Mary

Pentecost Sunday/ Mother's Day

Jesus and Blessed Mother are here. Their Hearts are exposed. [Blessed Mother has on the crown that was placed on Her statue here during the May Crowning.] She says: “Praise be to Jesus.” Jesus says: “I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

Jesus: “I'm allowing My Mother to speak today.”

Blessed Mother: “My dear children, as My Son allows Me to speak to you, I must tell you that Satan is altering the future of the world through the sin of abortion. World leaders and Church leaders, who would have been morally ethical, have been aborted. This is why your Rosaries of the Unborn hold so much value, both in Heaven and on earth.”

“Today, My dear little children, We are extending to you the Complete Blessing of Our United Hearts.”