May 13, 2008
Feast Day – Our Lady of Fatima
Blessed Virgin Mary

Blessed Mother says: “Praise be to Jesus.”

“My children, Jesus allows that I come once again today with these words. At the midnight apparition on the feast of My Immaculate Heart, going into the great feast of Our United Hearts, My Son will open the Gates of Heaven allowing in those poor souls who have suffered long the torments of Purgatory for the sins of disordered passions of the heart. These souls held false gods in their hearts, displacing the love of God and neighbor with love of money, power, reputation, intellect and more.”

“My Son holds compassion in His Heart for these poor souls, and with mercy will bring them into Heaven, provided friends and/or relatives are here praying for their release.”

“Realize that what is in the heart determines many things,eternal destiny, war and/or peace in the world, the fate of God's gift of life in the womb,indeed, all aspects of life in the world and in eternity.”

“Each soul experiences a different Heaven, Purgatory or Hell as he merits according to his deeds or misdeeds. Disease, natural disasters, all human suffering comes as God wills it according to the needs of His Justice for sins of all mankind.”

“So you see, on this feast of Our United Hearts which approaches, My Son, in His Infinite Love and Mercy, will purge hearts in Purgatory of their inordinate affections during life and welcome them into Heaven.”