May 20, 2008
St. Catherine of Siena


St. Catherine of Siena says: “Praise be to Jesus.”

“Today Jesus sends me once again,this time to address priests who come to the property. Priests should read the message given to pilgrims. [Refer to “Instructions to Pilgrims,” message of 4/24/08.] Then they should read this message to better partake of the graces shown forth here.”

“Priests are called here by the Mother of God. She knows each one by name. The Immaculata intends to strengthen vocations at this apparition site so that the priests can better serve Her children. Therefore, it is asked the priests come with an open heart,not judging, not depending upon high-powered approvals,in order to believe. Allow the Messages to reach your hearts so that you are able to encourage others to believe.”

“The Holy Mother desires to take each priest by the hand, leading him into the Chambers of the United Hearts. In this way, She will transform your hearts, illuminate your consciences, and lead you towards Unitive Love. Do not hold back fearing loss of reputation or any type of reprisal. Every priest is called upon this spiritual journey and to accept the truth of this Mission. Surrender with your whole heart and nothing will be held in abeyance from you.”

“Further, I have been sent by the Holy Mother to point out that priests too often ignore Heavenly intervention out of pharisaical or intellectual pride. Please understand that the Pharisees compulsively stood by the letter of the law while ignoring the heart of the law, which is Holy Love itself. Therefore, I urge you, do not condemn these treasures of spirituality offered here for lack of approvals by those who falsely accuse and judge. Rather, allow your hearts to be transformed by the heart of the Message,Holy Love.”

“God is ready to richly embellish your vocation with many graces if you do so.”