June 6, 2008
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“Let no one be astounded that I have taken to task those who persecute this Mission. I waited long enough for their conviction of heart by My veiled suggestions. Souls are being lost, and have been lost, that were discouraged from coming here by way of unfounded lies. Innocent unborn children have been aborted due to discouraging words against the prayers offered here.”

“I ask that in humility now, these detractors (and they know who they are) denounce their unfounded opinions which have a negative impact on the Mission, on the salvation of souls (which should be our common goal), and on their own salvation. Title does not exempt a soul from sin. Slander and detraction are sins.”

“There are those within Church circles, and even within this Diocese, who practice ungodly rituals. Who are you listening to,the false gods of power and control? If you choose salvation, you must choose to stop!”

“I am laying these things bare, as I do not have centuries to await approvals of these United Hearts Messages. I desire that souls turn with loving hearts to the spirituality of the Chambers. I desire to draw all souls into Unitive Love.”

“It is pride that rebels against correction. Humility accepts correction readily. No one should place himself above correction.”