June 26, 2008
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“Today, people have taken the gifts I have given and used them out of self-love towards their own advantage. Take, for instance, the intellect. If people would surrender the intelligence I gave them to My Father's Divine Will, cures for diseases would be found, whole nations would unite to assist each other, Satan's actions in world politics would readily be seen. People would recognize readily the evil that is trying to destroy the planet. Controversies would not arise about evils such as abortion. There would be no nuclear arms race. All technology would be used to unite mankind.”

“Here, at this Site, I offer the direct path into the Divine Will. Yet, even those who consider Me their ‘friend' oppose Me. Some are more concerned with their own reputations than in redirecting the course of human behavior. There are still others who challenge My work here out of false obedience, not realizing it is not disobedient to follow these Messages or to believe in My work here. The falsehood lies at the feet of those who choose to mislead.”

“Holy Love is at the heart of My gospel message. Each soul must choose to live in Holy Love in order to share the Kingdom of My Father's Divine Will. His Divine Will is, was, and will be forever the reward of the Just through Holy Love. Do not allow Satan to pilfer this reward from you through unfounded cautions. Embrace Holy Love. Do not hinder My efforts here. I call each one with profound love.”