August 5, 2008
Monthly Message to All People and Every Nation
Jesus Christ

(This message was given in multiple parts.)

Jesus is here with His Heart exposed. He says: “I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“Once again I come to address all people and all nations. I am calling all people to a conversion of heart through these Messages of Holy and Divine Love and through these Chambers of Our United Hearts. This is your opportunity,each one of you,to save your soul and to bring about change in the world. Heaven would be remiss in not offering to you such a plan, such a profound path of light in the midst of such chaos and wickedness. Yet, as I attempt to pull earth back onto the path of righteousness, evil continues to make inroads into the most unlikely realms of everyday life. Satan’s presence goes unnoticed, for moral standards have become so compromised.”

“Satan’s number one priority is to be unnoticed. He convinces people that he doesn’t exist or he clothes his hidden agendas in false goodness. He promotes lustful ambition in hearts along with the allurement of control, power and money. Many of My best efforts have been thwarted in the world, for Satan has caused a swirl of controversy to cloud the truth. The apparitions at this Site have been one of Satan’s main targets. He does not want souls to discover the truth and the power of this spirituality. But I will not allow the lion of evil to do anything but roar. He has been rendered toothless by My Hand. The Divine Will shall be victorious.”

“Before this victory, comes the battle which mankind finds himself in today. He is confusing sin with rights, even legalizing sins such as abortion and euthanasia. Do not think that because you make it legal that it is not still a sin in My Eyes. Do not have misplaced compassion believing you must not condemn same gender marriages. I am not tolerant of such sin in order to save feelings.”

“Today I reveal to you some of Satan’s greatest and most powerful weapons,weapons that he uses within the Church to destroy the true Tradition of Faith. Realize that the malefactor remains within the Church proper,executing his vile plans of destruction. In centuries past, heresy separated from the Church, making the heretics more visible and easily identified. But these days Satan wields the sword of intellectual pride to divide and separate the faithful. He skillfully executes his plans within hearts so that his efforts are at first unnoticed.

“When his proteges have been placed in high positions, they then unleash their intellectual patterns and plans which oppose Tradition and the Magisterium itself.”

“Another favorite weapon of Satan’s is the cry for a more prominent role for women. He whips them into a frenzy of rebellion against Church Tradition. Some even turn to witchcraft in an erroneous attempt to gain power. This is, in truth, their undoing as they have then become puppets of evil.”

“Some may find these revelations I give you today hard to believe, even shocking. But I only reveal the truth, for when the Light of Truth overtakes darkness, darkness loses its power. Notice that these weapons of Satan’s favor, intellectual pride and the desire for greater importance within the Church, come clothed in seeming goodness. They are, however, full of self-interest, self-love.”

“Stay on the path of light by always serving others and not looking for your own gain or profit in any way. Realize that the source of all good comes from God. No one creates their own intellect or their calling within the Church itself. Be humble and satisfied with even the lowliest of positions. Do not seek to be important in man’s eyes, only seek to appeal to Me.”

“Beyond all of these underlying tactics of Satan, he has one more, which is pulling apart whole pieces of My Church like the elimination of chess pieces from a game board. Here, I am speaking specifically of the Masons. Yes, many of My dearest instruments have fallen victim to their hidden agenda of lies and satanic actions, a bishop here, a knight there, all like pieces on a chessboard, at first, in positions of cardinal importance, only to become pawns of Satan. I grieve for them. Let the wise man grasp My meaning.”

“My Mother has requested that I reveal all of these truths to you today on the anniversary of Her birth. I have honored Her request. I ask that as a special gift to Her, you pray that these evils be overcome. Pray that the Church on earth be strengthened through prayer and sacrifice. The Remnant Faithful, who have not forsaken the Tradition of Faith, must make many sacrifices, many holy hours of reparation and pray many rosaries for the welfare of the Church. My Mother awaits patiently these prayers and sacrifices,these gifts from your heart to Hers.”

“So, My brothers and sisters, I am taking your prayers into My Divine Heart. I realize that some come here only out of curiosity; others to find fault. But there are some who come with great faith, believing and hoping. My brothers and sisters, I call you back into the present moment to find your conversion, your salvation through Holy Love. Pray as My Mother has requested for the conversion of sinners and the conversion of the heart of the Church. She longs that the Remnant Faithful increase and strengthen.”

“Today I am blessing you with My Blessing of Divine Love.”