August 8, 2008
Blessed Virgin Mary

Feast of St. Dominic

Blessed Mother says: “Praise be to Jesus.”

“My daughter, the battle lines have been drawn here; that is to say, the battle between the Tradition of Faith and the Church liberals. This is a war just as much as the war in Bosnia, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. This war is more poignant, however. It is a war for souls. Too often bishops and other hierarchy, who could make a difference, decide not to fight, either because they do not want to offend or they do not want to lose the support of power and money. These are all Satan’s weapons. Misplaced compassion has been the supporter of liberal women in the Church. Many of the hierarchy have become accustomed to rich living and wanton luxuries while the poor are all around them waiting at the gate like Lazarus.”

“Here, their Heavenly Mother speaks to all people and all nations but they summarily dismiss anything I have to say. They, in this Diocese, listen to any lie told about this Mission but will not listen to any report of healing or grace even if a Bishop is the recipient of such a miracle.”

“What I am telling you is we must proceed in the midst of all this controversy. Those who refuse to believe without approvals are like the foolish virgins who neglected to bring oil for their lamps. They have chosen darkness over light. Jesus is here now, working His miracles, enlightening the world with His truths. Do not wait for the Scribes and Pharisees to say you can believe. They believe in all that is superficial. Let us proceed in faith that only comes from God.”

“I, your Heavenly Mother, desire your prayers and sacrifices now in these troubled times. Souls are at stake. Do not wait to make a difference.”