August 22, 2008
Blessed Virgin Mary

Feast of The Queenship of Mary

Blessed Mother says: “Praise be to Jesus.”

“Today all of Heaven celebrates with Me, My Queenship, over Heaven and earth. As sovereign over all that is seen and unseen, I come to celebrate with you and all the angels and saints who are attendant to the needs of this, God's favored Mission on earth, your freedom, through the current messages of this month from all the transgressions against Heaven's plans here by this diocese.”

“Each accusation has been categorically refuted by truth. Realize, then, that the statement ‘not recommended in any way' and ‘to use extreme caution' is not based on truth or fact, but on Satan's lies. It is Satan who loses when My children gather to pray. It is Satan who opposes the Rosary of the Unborn. It is Satan who opposes unity amongst all people and all nations in an ecumenical effort to spread Holy Love in Hearts.”

“Authorities certainly need to be cautious themselves in coming against good because of worldly concerns, such as love of power, control and money. If any authority is used against Heaven's efforts here for shallow reasons such as these, that authority is misused. Once again, leaders must model themselves after the Good Shepherd Who did not choose any form of self-love, but only Divine Love. Authority figures are accountable before God for all those they mislead, all the prayers and rosaries they stop, all the ways they choose to please man and themselves instead of God. The ones I address, recognize themselves.”

“Today I call upon My children to have the courage of belief in these apparitions despite unwarranted opposition. Have courage to recognize that these messages and all the messages given here lead to salvation and holiness. Do not let your decision concerning these miracles of grace be based merely upon titles, empty cautions, and even untruths which have now been laid bare. Understand that the peace I give you when you come here is Heaven's approval,Heaven's signature upon this Mission.

“You have much to lose by misbelief. Much to gain by belief.”