September 5, 2008
Monthly Message to All People and Every Nation
Jesus Christ

This message was given in multiple parts.

Jesus and Blessed Mother are here with Their Hearts exposed. Blessed Mother says: “Praise be to Jesus.” Jesus says: “I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.” They both nod and acknowledge the priests in the apparition room. Blessed Mother motions towards Her Heart and Jesus blesses them.

Jesus: “My brothers and sisters, today I have come to ask you to place God back in the center of your hearts. It is only then that God will be in the center of your governments, the center of the Church and in the center of all your decisions in every present moment. When you place the opinion of man first and seek only to please those who can help you in some way, then you have compromised the virtue of Holy Love in your hearts and in the world, as well.”

“Morals in this country and around the world can only improve when the Ten Commandments are once again the basis of decision. These Commandments are the embodiment of Holy Love. Any laws that do not support life itself are godless laws. Realize that all laws are not worthy of obedience, but can be trusted only if they are based on the commandments of love. I do not call you to obey Satan's lies,only Truth Itself.”

“Truth always reflects the Spirit of Truth, which is Holy Love. Therefore, do not be tricked by title or authority to follow an errant path.”

“I come to you during these times and at this apparition site to speak only the truth,to expose the truth and to reveal compromise.”

“Blameworthy are those who know the truth but do not live accordingly. I speak of those who, acting as Catholic educators,teachers, clergy and even hierarchy,depart from Church Tradition to please self and man. They mislead and are responsible for the loss of many souls,not to mention their own.”

“Venial and mortal sin are real. The sacraments are real. These have not changed. The hearts of those who ignore them have changed. You cannot justify liberalism,not in governments, the Church or in education.”

“I do not come here to speak kind words, to please you or to offer platitudes so that you will find Holy Love an easy path to follow. Holy Love is not a concept to be considered from time to time or to make a judgment about, and then to abandon for something new. Holy Love is My call to you,to salvation, holiness and even sanctification. Once you receive My call, you cannot,you must not,toss it aside and pursue another path. Once again, I tell you, blameworthy are those that do so.”

“It is not My intention to fan the flames of controversy here, but to extinguish them by revealing the truth. You must understand that My Victory will come as a Victory of Truth, convicting all hearts that are in error. Until such a time comes, My brothers and sisters, you will have to endure the barbs of persecution by those who search out reasons not to believe,those who do not persevere in pursuit of the truth, and those who misunderstand the workings of the human heart in cooperation with the Holy Spirit.”

“Many have been misled and misunderstand this Mission for lack of support from Church authority. But I have sent enough messages to earth revealing the false claims and misinformation behind all this coming from this diocese that none should fall prey to the swirl of controversy they attack us with. You say you believe I would always support My bishops. I support the Truth and I hold My bishops accountable to the Truth. The Truth is My Father's Divine Will, which stands irreproachable. My Father's Divine Will is Holy Love. It is through Holy Love I can reach out to souls. No one, no matter their authority, should stand in My way. All bishops need to be certain of what those under them are saying and doing. They are responsible for the actions of those under them, as well as those who pretend to speak on their behalf.”

“Do not be shocked by My words, but realize that it is My Merciful Love that corrects these errors.”

“How I long for all people and all nations to be united in the Flame of Divine Love. Clothe yourselves with humility and Holy Love, and allow yourselves to believe and to be touched by these messages. Some who are faint-hearted may drift away, but those who have truly accepted all I give you here will remain faithful to the messages, realizing how they have been set upon by the powers of evil.”

“My brothers and sisters, persevere in faith, hope and love.”

“We're extending to you today the Complete Blessing of Our United Hearts.”