October 5, 2008
Monthly Message to All People and Every Nation
Jesus Christ

(This message was given in multiple parts.)

Jesus is here with His Heart exposed. He says: “I am your Jesus, born Incarnate. The angels are placing all of your petitions in My Sacred Heart even as I speak. They will all be answered according to the Father's Divine Will.”

“Realize, My brothers and sisters, that the truth of Holy Love stands by you. It does not fluctuate like the stock market. Nor does it decrease in value as the dollar bill. It does not leave you when you must part with all the passing things of the world. Holy Love–truth itself–follows you into the next life as it remains in your heart. Holy Love is the very truth by which you will be judged. Why then, listen, believe in or trust anything else?”

“When you must make choices, base those decisions, as closely as possible, on Holy Love. Do not depend on the false promises that Satan dangles in front of you by those who seek your support. Truth is too often compromised by those who want to look good in the eyes of others or by those who seek power or authority. I, your Jesus, tell you to trust, not by appearances, but by the foundation of Holy Love–truth itself.”

“Many have tried to still My Voice here–always through untruths. Misuse of authority against this Mission goes unchecked even though I have tried to correct consciences. Many injustices have been committed without conviction of heart. But truth will continue to flow freely through this Mission despite Satan's attempts to cover and disguise his actions.”

“I am persevering here in calling hearts to make clear choices on their path to salvation. Do not think there is always time to convert, time to change, time to choose to live in Holy Love. You have the present moment–fill it with Holy Love. This is your salvation. The depth with which you embrace Holy Love determines your eternity. This truth makes the present moment the most important time of your life.”

“My brothers and sisters, do not be confused by the rhetoric of the day which tells you to trust in the temporary. For I tell you, earthly solutions, worldly values and even peace itself is passing unless these things are founded on the truth of the commandments of love.”

“Make your hearts like open vessels, waiting for Me to fill with Holy Love. Surrender every concern, every problem to Me. Accept that I am Lord of all–even your problems. Do not worry or fret. Wait in a constant state of prayerful surrender for My Father's Will to be made known to you. Accept His Will. Any other path leads to lack of peace. Practice forgiveness. Then soon it will come easily to you. This is the way to live in every virtue. I desire your holiness.”

“The future of the world rests in the hearts of the youth. Solemnly, I tell you, Satan knows this and comprehends it more than most adults in the world do. That is why he uses every form of entertainment, every kind of fashion, literature and political agenda to convolute the morals and goals of the youth today. Besides all of this, he uses abortion to depopulate the numbers of those in future generations, many of whom would have been worthy leaders in their chosen fields.”

“False values–values which base happiness and security on passing pleasures–have replaced love of God and love of neighbor. When I speak here, I come to reinforce the truth of Holy Love, not only now, but for all future generations. The time will come when history will show evil for what it has been, and its influence in the Church and the world during these times. Then these revelations will pass from scrutiny and obscurity into acclaim. Until then, each one who hears and believes must be My Hands, My Feet, My Voice in propagating the truths of these messages.”

“You cannot expect the favor of My protection upon your country, either in economics or foreign policy or in any area, so long as you reject life in the womb, which is My gift to you. Take heed of this warning and act upon it.”

“I'm blessing you with My Blessing of Divine Love.”