December 3, 1998
Blessed Virgin Mary

Maureen was complaining to Blessed Mother that her day had been full of interruptions that seemed to be keeping Her away. She came and bent over me with Her Heart exposed. She said: “That is because your heart is full of options, projects, and opinions. Center yourself here.” She points to the Flame over Her Heart.

“I come in praise of Jesus. Today, My daughter, I am removing the last bit of unforgiveness you hold in your heart [unforgiveness of self]. Understand God's Mercy is complete and perfect. In Him, there is no half measure of forgiveness.”

“Now, I am ready to use you even more, and with more intense signal grace occurring around you. My Messages to you after the 12th will be personal or concerning the ministry. You will see Me interiorly and, as God permits from time to time, exteriorly. Only some of the messages from Me will be published in the Journal of Personal Holiness. My Jesus is preparing an important Mission for you through His words to you and in what He will ask of you as time progresses.”

“The heel that will crush the head of the serpent is comprised of My little ones – those consecrated to the Flame of Holy Love. Satan is confounded by their humility and simplicity. Many of these little ones are part of My army of victim souls. They are drawing souls to Me. They are drawing Mercy from the Heart of My Son. Because of these, the hour of tribulation, the hour preceding God's Justice, has been lengthened. Do not mistakenly presume God's Justice is not coming. But understand, God's love for you and His Mercy upon you.”

“Once again, I urge your readiness through Holy Love. I bid you, do not be frightened, but alert to the times. I am praying with you. I am blessing you.”