October 21, 2008
God The Father

Once again I see a great Flame that I have come to know as the Heart of the Father. He says: “I am the Eternal Father, the Divine Will, the Eternal Now. The Flame of My Heart, which is One with My Will, is ever-present to you. It does not change, but is always Perfect Love, Perfect Mercy.”

“In Heaven you will live in the Flame of My Heart. Then, every joy you ever felt on earth will be present to you all at once. For there is no past or future in Heaven–no element of time which changes the present into the past. All affection you ever experienced or felt on earth will be ever-present to you. There will be no pain of loss or guilt–no unforgiveness–only love.”

“You see the leaves that I have painted for you, but you are sad to see them fade away. In Heaven all the beauty you appreciated in the world will be with you all at once. It will never fade. Memories will become the present, for I am the Eternal Now.”