November 7, 2008
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“Within your lifetime, you are witnessing the evil usurping of what heretofore has been good and innocent. It is proving so in the Church, in the world and in governments, as well as civil authority. The spread of evil has been insidious. No one can mark a time or date when this all began. But now, evil is becoming brazen and unafraid of manifesting itself in words and actions. The good and just are fearful of standing up for the sake of righteousness for fear of evil reprisals.”

“But I have come to tell you that I support the good, the holy, the righteous. I encourage you to be united in Holy and Divine Love just as My Mother and I are united. Allow your hearts to beat as one with Our Sacred Hearts, and do not fear any action of mere man. Those consecrated to Our United Hearts must be the soul of holiness in a world that rejects holiness. Do not look for fairness or justice amongst men. I appeal to you–be signs of My Love and Mercy in the world, and My Love and Mercy will flood your hearts. Show those around you who have placed their trust in the world how to trust in Me.”