November 23, 2008
Feast of Christ the King
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate – King of All Nations.”

“If I were truly King of all hearts, there would be no abortion, no war, no false gods of money, power and vanity created by self-love.”

“As it is, war begins at conception with the struggle for survival in the womb. Human necessities take a back seat to human luxuries and indulgences. Mankind has lost sight of Divine Provision and has replaced it with trust in himself. God’s Divine Will is no longer a consideration in legislation, governments or foreign policies.”

“As Heaven has intervened at this site in an attempt to correct consciences, Heaven’s efforts have been maligned, calumnized and summarily rejected, all in an attempt to protect power and control. As King, I ask you now, be courageous enough to search out the truth. Your salvation may weigh in the balance as these messages have and are leading many to salvation. The graces here reflect the power of My Kingship–yet go unnoticed by many. I continue to act here through My Mother, many saints and by My Hand of Love and Mercy.”

“I do not surrender to human apathy but to the Authority of My Father Who designs great things for those who believe.”