December 5, 2008
Monthly Message to All People and Every Nation
Jesus Christ

(This message was given in multiple parts.)

Jesus and Blessed Mother are here with Their Hearts exposed. Blessed Mother says: “Praise be to Jesus.” Jesus says: “I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

Jesus: “I am inviting all people and all nations to be united in Divine Love. These efforts in Divine Unity must be visible, even aggressive, just as so much evil and violence has become visible and aggressive.”

“Trust in Me and do not live in fear. When you trust Me, you are a more willing instrument. Do not be distracted by the threats of violence all around you. My grace awaits you in the future. This is where you must place your trust. Have faith in My Father’s Providing Will which leads you away from danger and into the safety of My Mother’s Heart.”

“I come once again to address the state of the heart of the world. Mankind must realize that he cannot succeed in abolishing God from His rightful place in the universe. He cannot replace God with false gods of self-love, hedonistic desires or the denial of any of God’s laws with his own free will. My Father’s Divine Will holds dominion over all creatures, all of creation–the cosmos itself.”

“No man can find peace outside of pleasing God. No sin–even if civil law makes it legal–escapes God’s Justice. This is Holy Truth, and is unchanging with the passage of time.”

“God does exist and so do His commandments. Mere man holds no sway over this Holy Truth.”

“I tell you solemnly, mankind cannot be reconciled with his Creator through worldly gain, be it power, money or reputation. Peace and unity between humanity and God comes only through Holy Love in the heart.”

“I am bringing all of mankind into the sheepfold of a new creation–the New Jerusalem of Holy and Divine Love. Herein, all people and all nations will abide and be governed by the truth of Holy Love. I, your Jesus, am a God of peace–not war, not violence, not terrorism. Do not presume to think otherwise.”

“In unity based on Holy Love, there is true peace. This type of peace is lasting for it is based on truth itself. Unity based on violence, selfish gain or control of others does not bring peace but every sort of sin, debauchery and depravity. This type of evil unity is becoming stronger in the world today, as Satan inspires many hearts to see good where he is accomplishing evil.”

“This is why I tell you, remain faithful to the truth of Holy Love. Be united in Holy Love. This way, you will not be deceived by error. You will have true peace in your hearts even in the face of hardships. You will be able to trust–trust in My Merciful Provision. When you live in this way, My Justice upon you is mitigated.”
(Read: Gal 5:16-25.)

“My brothers and sisters, when you find yourselves with a lack of peace in your hearts, it is due to some failing in Holy Love; then the present moment is lost forever. For it is only when you live in Holy Love in the present moment that that moment follows you into Heaven with great reward. I am prepared to offer the world great rewards for any effort in Holy Love in each present moment. Pray that more people are aware of this.”

“Today We’re offering you the Complete Blessing of Our United Hearts.”