December 12, 2008
Blessed Virgin Mary

Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe

Blessed Mother says: “Praise be to Jesus.” Once again Our Lady comes as Our Lady of Guadalupe and changes into Mary, Refuge of Holy Love.”

“I show Myself to you in this way, My daughter, to help you to understand the connection between these apparitions. Just as My Image at Guadalupe was in support of life in the womb, I am once again the New Eve as Refuge of Holy Love, protecting and offering shelter to all life and bringing Jesus to you in the heart of these messages.”

“The year ahead will offer new challenges in old familiar ways. It will be tumultuous, peaceful and victorious–each present moment offering its unique grace. I will be present in the eyes of the camera, as will many saints to some who come here. A new relationship will emerge from this between Me and the public. Many conversions will be the result. Of particular significance will be My Shrine of Sorrows and St. Padre Pio We will be leading souls through these graces deeper into the United Hearts. Non-believers will come to believe because of graces seen and heard at these shrines.”