December 25, 2008
Christmas Message
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“Today I come to you on the feast of My Incarnation to seek, as always, the reclamation of the heart of the world and, so too, all of mankind. Your peace and reconciliation must be through Holy Love. Any other path leads to your destruction.”

“My Father's Will for you is the embrace of these messages. Allow them to change your lives by changing your moment to moment decisions. Let the simplicity and humility of My Birth in the manger reflect in your lives. Bring your hearts closer to Me in this way, for this is the way to deeper holiness. Trust in My Mercy, My Love, My Provision. I tell you, trust brings the fulfillment of every prophecy.”

“Regard those who oppose this Mission as the most needy, for these are the ones that do not even recognize Heaven's actions here. Even Satan can see the Hand of Heaven at this site. He vehemently opposes what some refuse to even see as worthy of belief.”

“If you are little–little as a child in a manger–you will not miss the truth but will recognize the path of righteousness I lay bare before you. Do not consider yourselves holy or virtuous, but always endeavor to be so.”

“Then My Blessing of Divine Love will rest upon you.”