December 30, 2008
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“The Kingdom of My Father in Heaven and on earth is one with the Will of My Father Who seeks the Eternal Good of every soul He creates. His Kingdom today is being destroyed moment by moment through inordinate self-love, which takes its form in spiritually unhealthy pastimes in communications, the mass media, literature and dress codes.”

“It is very difficult for the average person who is not deeply in love with his Creator to separate good from evil, and to disentangle himself from these snares that Satan puts before all of mankind. You must not seek out your own good through things or events in the world; nor should you seek lasting good through people. Eternal Good comes only through a loving relationship with God.”

“And so, once again your Jesus invites you to step into the Eternal Good of Holy Love–your salvation. Embrace it with all your strength. It will become your strength.”

“The present moment will take on new meaning. I will bless your hearts and your lives.”