January 14, 2009
St. Thomas Aquinas

St. Thomas Aquinas says: “Praise be to Jesus.”

“The Lord has sent me to draw attention to these facts. Holy Love, Divine Love and Truth are synonymous in God's Eyes. To simplify, I will show you this.” [He holds up what looks like parchment.]

“Holy Love, Divine Love and Truth are:”

“God's Will; therefore, Love, Mercy and Divine Provision.
Salvation; therefore, the Gateway to Heaven.
The embrace of every virtue and all the commandments.
The foundation of personal holiness; therefore the doorway to perfection.
Eternal and earthly peace.”

“Every aspect of human existence needs to be united in these Holy Truths.” [He is now speaking but the parchment is gone.]

“God's Justice will be measured according to man's willingness to live according to Holy Truth in Love, Mercy and in cooperation with God's Provision.”

“Unity cannot come outside of God's Will. Therefore, pay attention to what I have imparted to you today. Every present moment holds precious graces–enough to restore the course of human events in Holy Truth and to redirect souls in righteousness.”